Any rule can be bypassed, and law can be broken. Break the rules beautifully.


Artist Alexander Brashkin was born in Moscow/Russia where he lives and works today.

Alexander started with graffiti and street art and then has been nurtured his talent in paintings on canvas and paper, as well as in design collaborations and brand creation. Alexander creates works in complicated and unique technique beyond the classic school of art. In his opinion, the inspiration that allows you to create a truly new art is in your own vision of the world and emotional impulses.The creative flow of the artist is realized in the original plots where he turns to social satire and life irony that find response almost in every modern person.


2003 —  Graffiti, street art festival  «Realization» in Moscow / Russia

2003 —  Graffiti, street art festival «Meeting of styles» Gomel / Belarus 

2004 —  Graffiti, street art festival «Meeting of styles» Gomel / Belarus 

2008 —  Group Show Exhibition «Death in modern art»  Moscow / Russia

2009 —  Group Show Exhibition  Opus underground art «Opus Art Gallery»  London 

2010 —  Group Show Exhibition «Vecher» Moscow / Russia

2019 —  Personal Exhibition «Out of your mind »  Erarta Museum, St Petersburg / Russia

2019 —  Group Show Exhibition  «Colour Senses Gallery»  Wynwood / Miami 

2019 —  Miami River Art Fair,  Brickell / Miami  

2020 —  Art Palm Beach 2020,  West Palm Beach / Miami  

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